An open invitation to IFC Infra implementation to all software vendors by Nordic Road and Rail Authorities
mennessä buildingSMART Finland | touko 19, 2020

This is an open invitation to IFC Infra implementation to all software vendors by seven Nordic Road and Rail Authorities.

We are writing to You on behalf of the seven Nordic Road and Rail Authorities. These organizations have been working together for several years for a common approach to develop and use Open BIM for infrastructure. You can read the news about ”Launching an agreement for a common Nordic approach to BIM – 19.1.2018”: https://uk.bane.dk/en/Supplier/News-for-suppliers/BIM

BuildingSMART International has extended the IFC schema to also support long stretched infrastructure. This was done in co-operation with industry stakeholders and owners. The Nordic organisations have been heavily involved in this important work. The goal is to publish a final open standard in 2021. Many international clients have already presented their commitment to this future standard. We – 7 organisations – have also a common goal to make the new standard as a requirement in our projects. This year the implementation of the new schema will start. We are about to start testing the newly extended IFC schema IFC4.3 RC1 that is available on buildingSMART website. We are anticipating this will be one of the future mandated formats for exchanging design files and objects between phases and actors for our industry.

We are welcoming all software vendors to join the implementation work. We are launching the IFC Infra Implementation group.
You can join the group by sending email to contact person Karin.Anderson(at)trafikverket.se.
Email subject line: IFC Infra implementation group – expression of interest

You can also ask more about the issue from NBC software vendor contact person Karin.Anderson(at)trafikverket.se
Thank you very much for reacting to our invitation!

On behalf of Nordic BIM Clients Group (NBC)

Mr. Tarmo Savolainen
Chair of the NBC Group

Whole invitation letter could be read here

HUOM: bSF Infran Standardointiryhmä tulee aktiivisesti seuraamaan ja osallistumaan IFC Infran käyttöönottoon. Tämä on huomioitu Inframallintamisen kehittäminen 2020 -projektissa. Projektisuunnitelmaa ollaan edelleen tarkentamassa ja lisäresurssit ovat tervetulleita.

Seuraava bSF Infra Standardointiryhmän kokous on 3.6.2020 klo 13-15.
Lisätietoja: Standardointiryhmän pj. juha.liukas(at)sitowise.com


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